Characteristics of the Visiting Candidate Program
1. IPSO’s Commitment
  • IPSO commits itself to organize the visiting candidate program through candidate selection and recruiting of Institutes. We will match candidates with Institutes that agree to accept a visiting candidate
  • Candidates will be asked to state specific learning objectives for the length of their exchange
2. Commitment  between the training institutes
  • The Societies and Institutes will be invited to be part of the project and may accept or decline, as they prefer
  • If an Institute accepts a visiting candidate, they must be willing to allow the candidate to attend classes as well as any other programs that a matriculated candidate would attend
  • The Institute will provide two hours of supervision to the visiting candidate, negotiated at the time the visit is confirmed
  • The Institute will provide these benefits pro bono
  • The candidates at the receiving Institute will host the visiting candidate during his/her stay
  • Any institute to which a visiting candidate belongs must be willing to receive a visiting candidate
  • If possible, the candidate will be allowed to participate in some of the community extension activities
3. The Candidate
  • Must be an IPSO member
  • Must be at least in his/her second year of training
  • Must speak the language of the country to which she/he travels, or English, if classes are conducted in English
  • Must present a clinical case to be discussed among candidates and be supervised by a member of the host Society
  • Must present his/her application to the IPSO Executive Committee via his/her regional Vice-President including a written statement from his/her institute that they are in good standing in their training program
  • Has to send his/her application at least six months prior to the planned VCP
  • In case more than one candidate applies, the candidate will be chosen by raffle
  • Must be willing to provide a written follow up detailing their experience of the visiting candidate program
  • Is obliged to attend the seminars and/or conferences and/or congresses proposed by the receiving Institute as well as to read class assignments
4. Duration
  • Between 7 and 15 days (the length of the program can be modified according to the circumstances)
  • Project financing
  • The cost of the exchange program will be borne by the candidate. If the candidate’s Society or Institute wishes, it may totally or partially reimburse the candidate’s ticket fare
  • IPSO, through its members, will provide lodging (in a candidate’s house)
  • Candidates will take care of their own personal expenses and any costs not covered by his/her Society