The Cross-Regional Study Groups (CRSG)

    The Cross Regional Study Groups are an initiative established in 2014, with the objective of taking advantage of technology for promoting exchanges between candidates. The groups are focused on clinical work, meeting regularly for the discussion of cases. This is intended to be a horizontal process, a peer group aimed at enriching the training and development of analysts. With the participation of candidates not only from different Institutes, but from different regions, we hope to provide an environment which is more detached from the vertical and hierarchical structure and the “Oedipal” bonds that inevitably exist inside an Institute, while at the same time giving space for the discovery of varied clinical experiences, from different parts of the world.

•    The Groups must have 3-4 members, who will commit to meeting monthly to discuss clinical material for 90 to 120 minutes. The rhythm of discussion is given by each group (e.g. some groups prefer to have a candidate presenting the same case in three meetings, while others prefer to rotate more);
•    There must be one member from each IPA-IPSO Region (Europe, Latin America and North America);
•    Each group must have a Chair, a person who will be responsible for arranging and reminding the group of the meetings and also being the connection between the IPSO ExCom and the Group;
•    This is intended to be a long-term process, with no end date given for a group. In any case, we suggest that groups work together for at least a year;
•    As this is still a new initiative, we ask of each group a short yearly report, providing feedback so the ExCom can work on further developing the project.
•    We would like to encourage the participants of the CRSG to present and talk about their experiences in such a Group within a panel during the next IPSO Congress in Buenos Aires in 2017 or other IPSO Conferences.

If you are interested in being a part of one such group, please contact our President-Elect, Charles E. Baekeland: