Society Contact Information

Brasília Psychoanalytic Society

SHIS QI 9, Lote E, Bloco I, Sala 105
Lago Sul
Brasilia 71625-175 DF
Phone: 55 61 3248 2309
Fax: 55 61 3364 1553

The aims of the Brasília Psychoanalytic Society are those of the IPA, including:

a) to promote the study, research, development and application of Psychoanalysis (created by Sigmund Freud);

b) stimulate the union between its members to acquire, develop, disseminate and apply knowledge of psychoanalytic approaches;

c) work together with relevant organisations in matters concerning the formulation and implementation of health programmes, especially the area of mental health, provided that this is compatible with its objectives;

d) maintain a Publications Department;

e) maintain exchange and cooperate with the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and with societies and associations who are part of the IPA, as well as with FEBRAPSI, promoting and stimulating cultural and scientific exchanges;

f) uphold the interests and rights of psychoanalysts, participating in the drafting of appropriate legislation to psychoanalytical practice in the country;

g) provide social assistance as long as possible, in case of need for any one of its members;

h) create and maintain an Institute of Psychoanalysis whose mission will provide the means to train and qualify, in all its different stages, their candidates the psychoanalysts.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Roberto Calil JaburPresidentMember1/1/2019141068
Isa Maria Lopes PaniagoSecretaryMember1/1/2018154218
Sra. Maria de Lourdes Zilli GuimarãesTreasurerMember1/1/2019144823
Dra. Sílvia Helena Dutra de Carvalho HeimburgerDirector of Training InstituteMember1/1/2019103559
Ps. Lúcia Eugênia Velloso PassarinhoChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember1/1/2019139846
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Marina Abdalla de Souza Porto  English,Portugese157336
Dr. Elias Abdalla  Portuguese,Spanish141356
Sra. Ana Alba Mafra  Spanish,Portugese,English151923
Dra. Alice de Albuquerque Maranhão Valença  English,French,Portugese,Spanish151921
Sra. Alvani Almeida de Souza Alves  Spanish,Portugese,English151922
Álvaro Alves Velloso  Portuguese,Spanish144701
Prof.ssa. Ambrozina Amália Coragem Saad  English,Portuguese,Spanish140430
Sra. Paola da Silva Amendoeira  Portugese,English151777
Luciano Antunes Figueiredo Sousa  English,Portugese,Spanish157334
Sra. Tatiana Arantes Arantes Rocha Lima  Spanish,English,Portugese156628
Sra. Carla Barbosa de Andrade Jayme  Spanish,English,Portugese156621
Sra. Kátia Barbosa Macedo  Portugese,English151946
Ps. Mírian Elisabeth Bender Ritter De Gregório  Portuguese,Spanish103251
Ps. Sancha Maria Benvindo Lopes  Portuguese,Spanish141330
Ps. Regina Lúcia Braga Mota Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish105655
Dr. Roberto Calil Jabur  Portuguese,Spanish141068
Ms. Maria Fernanda Cardoso de Oliveira Lenzi  Portuguese,Spanish142113
Sra. Cláudia Aparecida Carneiro  English,Portugese,Spanish151933
Almira Correia de Caldas Rodrigues  Spanish,Portugese,English154216
Dr. José Costa Sobrinho  Portuguese,Spanish151943