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ELECTIONS for the IPSO Executive Committee in Buenos Aires July 27th, 2017

Dear colleagues and IPSO members,

The 24th IPSO Congress in Buenos Aires is fast approaching! 

The IPSO Executive Committee (IPSO ExCom) is working very hard to organize the best meeting possible for our colleagues. Our goal is to create a truly intimate atmosphere in which all our voices can be heard discussing topics of vital importance to our paths as candidates.

As you might know, there are elections for new officers of the IPSO ExCom every two years. We would like to invite you all to actively participate in the election of its new officers at the next IPSO Congress in Buenos Aires in July 2017, which will held at the IPSO Business Meeting.

Although participating in the ExCom is a big commitment, it is also a very rewarding experience. Being a part of the ExCom is an opportunity for you to be in regular close contact with your ExCom peers from all around the world, take active part in organizing IPSO Events and, of course, the next IPSO Congress.  In essence, it gives you the ability to make your contribution to the work of furthering the international candidates' movement!

You may run for one of these positions:

  • President-Elect

    Due to the fact that President and President-Elect officers rotate according to regions, in this election cycle, the President-Elect must come from the North American region.

  • Vice President-Elect  for North America
  • Vice President-Elect  for Latin America
  • Vice President-Elect  for Europe

    A special request for our North American IPSO members:  We welcome your interest, participation and energy in representing both North America in the position of the President Elect, and in the position of VP Elect of North America. Consider running for a position on the ExCom! 


    If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please send the following information to IPSO President, Holger Himmighoffen,

  • A statement by the proposed nominee, indicating their willingness to serve through the end of their term, regardless of whether or not they graduate during their term of office.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A statement in writing that the nominee is not currently involved in any disputes relating to his/her ethical conduct.
  • A statement from the Institute indicating that the nominee is in good standing at his/her institute.
  • Lastly, a brief paragraph describing yourself and your interest in running for the position.  We will send this statement out via email to all IPSO members.

Interested candidates should be fluent in English as this is the official language of the IPSO ExCom.

Deadline:  All election application materials must be submitted by April 30th, 2017 to be considered eligible.

Please note that candidates running for election will introduce themselves to the public, and therefore must be present at the IPSO Business Meeting on Thursday, July 27th.  Additionally, candidates running for election must be able to stay in Buenos Aires through Saturday, July 29th, for the first meeting of the new Executive Committee.

IPSO members not attending the Business Meeting will be able to vote sending their ballots by mail, and the votes will be opened at the Business Meeting. The ballots and the information on how to vote by mail will be sent in a few weeks.

For further information, visit our website or contact the

IPSO President, Holger Himmighoffen, and the

IPSO President-Elect, Leonardo Siqueira Araujo

Thank you for your interest!

Kind regards.

Holger Himmighoffen                  Leonardo Siqueira Araujo

IPSO President                             IPSO President Elect